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Easy2ride Wake & Surf Academy Yvoire - Lake Leman - Haute Savoie

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The team at Easy2Ride Wake & Surf Academy welcomes you to the beautiful medieval town of Yvoire, on lake Geneva.

Our dedicated team is here to help you master the following water sports; wake surfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, wake skating and knee boarding.


Yvoire A Medieval Floral Town on Lake Leman, France

Yvoire is a small but very romantic small town on the southern, French shores of Lake Geneva. This traffic free village has managed to preserve much of its medieval look with town walls and gates, a historic castle, and narrow cobblestone streets.

Yvoire is a beautiful town year round but particularly attractive during spring and summer when it is filled with flowers blooming from seemingly every balcony and windowsill.

Yvoire is hugely popular with day-trippers and thus has a large number of restaurants, cafés, boutiques, art galleries, studios, and souvenir shops. With few formal sights, visiting Yvoire is relaxing and the town easy to enjoy.

Yvoire is a short drive from Geneva and Evian or a fast passenger ferry crossing from Nyon in Switzerland.

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